I believe everyone is an artist. Yes, even you! No matter your skill level or how long you have embraced your inner artist, there is no right or wrong way to Draw Your World. Remember as you are reading through all of the posts I share that I am not here to teach you the “right” way to draw, and my way may only spark inspiration as you find your own way. My goal is to share ideas that I have come up with and techniques that I have learned over the years to help you feel more inspired to make marks and drawings and achieve daily or weekly creative victories. As you move through your days, it is my wish that you will begin to see your surroundings with new eyes, and maybe decide to draw something you never noticed before. It feels good to draw your world and your adventures, and I am exited to help you find the joy and the confidence to have a regular creative practice, too.

A little about me: I am originally from Philadelphia, where I grew up in a family of artists. Throughout childhood, I would spend afternoons drawing in my grandmother’s sculpture studio, and I would watch my mother make intricate illustrations on her drafting table at home. I attended The Cooper Union in New York City, where I studied everything from design to printmaking, having a desire to learn and experiment with as much as possible before settling on a design career. I then spent over twenty years working as a graphic designer in Toronto and New York City, with a strong focus in the art world. In my early forties, I began to draw again, and through a regular sketchbook practice, I transitioned from designer to artist. Now a full-time artist, teacher and author, my favorite thing to do is wander the city streets and travel with my family, drawing all of the things I do, eat, and see on the pages of my sketch journal. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

I am the author of:

Draw Your Day, Draw Your World, Draw Your Day For Kids!, and The Draw Your Day Sketchbook

I also illustrated Gloria Steinem’s latest book:
The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off

Literary representation: Present Perfect Literary

To inquire about buying original artwork, private commissions, private lessons, workshops, or any other inquiries please contact me directly at sdb@sdionbaker.com

To see my latest work and daily sketchjournal head on over to @sdionbakerdesign

I am a “Top Teacher” on Skillshare. To find my classes, click here
All other classes and workshops can be found here
Website shop containing select items and occasional original work

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I believe everyone is an artist, including you. I share motivation & inspiration to look at the world around you to find the perfect thing to draw to express who you are and the moment you are in. From bestselling author of the Draw Your Day book series.


Samantha Dion Baker 

I am an artist, author and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY, drawing, painting, and writing about the world around me on the pages of my sketch journal.